Super Bowl Sunday…on the menu

So here we are again. Time for the game of all games, the truest test of the best teams in the NFL. A game many young football players dream about growing up and playing. An event that can literally make or break an advertising firm, singer, or television production team.

And I don’ think I have even been more disinterested in a Super Bowl. Ever.

And what is worse is that I am pretty sure I might have said that last year. Anyway, for wanna be Food Network Starts today is the day we pull out our most fun and fabulous recipes.

We’ve made it through the holidays with all the formal and traditional dinner fare. Now we can get on to the fun stuff.

I love fixing bar food for a day like today. You can be, dare I say it, a little more sloppy in the kitchen and people just think it’s part of the show so to speak. I also like the contrasts of the flavors and tastes you get at a food celebration like a big game. Your menu can be as diverse and eclectic and you like.

What fun things are on your menu today?

Chicken Wings? Check.

By: rick

Jalapeno Poppers? Check.

BBQ mini-wieners? Check.

Pizza? Duh.

The obligatory tray of veggies so people can trick themselves into thinking they are being healthy by having those carrot and celery sticks, which will eventually be hidden under the napkin and make their way into the garbage. Of course! Because what else would we serve with the heavy homemade blue cheese and ranch dips?

I hope you have all of your favorites covered today and will be enjoying them with family and friends. Now if we could just find a way to get just one of my favorite teams into the big game….The Steelers, Bengals…or I would even settle for that team from Indianapolis next year. That might actually pique my interest.

Until then I am popping open a bottle of red, and heading out to the grill to get the wings going!

Enjoy your Sunday. Eat up. But if you’re downing a few, don’t drink and drive!



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