Is it over yet?

One more day and it’s over! I know the holidays have just begun but there is one particular part of the beginning of this season that I can’t wait to be over.

All these recipes featuring pumpkin anything and pumpkin everything. It’s just not my thing. Why?

Glad you asked.

One year when I was a little girl, a really impressionable little girl, my grandmother made pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. From what I recall, my grandmother was a decent cook. Nothing spectacular, but she was decent at it. However, this particular Thanksgiving something went really, really wrong with the pumpkin pies she made.

They turned out with a green hue to them. Not just green, but a gray-green tint. With overtones of orange and brown. They were the oddest and most displeasing looking pies I had ever seen. And at that age I rarely thought anything that included the letters p-i-e could be bad.

Till this particular Thanksgiving day.

Not only did the pies look bad, there was the reaction of my grandmother. She was not happy about the outcome. I can remember very clearly the screeching screams that came from her kitchen as she removed the pies from the oven and placed them on the rack to cool.

Poor Grandpa.

Then there was the taste. It was what you would expect from a gray-green pie with overtones of orange and brown. Just think for a moment what something that looked like that would taste like.

Now think about the chaos on a major holiday with several members of the family circling around a kitchen and dining room trying to figure out what happened to dessert.

It was a group anxiety attack within a group of people hyped up on coffee and kool-aid, sugar infused cranberry punch.

I was scarred for life really and have no interest in anything that has to do with pumpkin.

There’s always been the fear that any attempts I made at making anything pumpkin would turn out like the green-gray dessert with orange and brown overtones.

Since that time I have no interest in pumpkin and really can’t wait for the focus of this time of year to go from pumpkin pies to red and green decorated sugar cookies.

So there it is, I can’t stand pumpkin and can’t wait for tomorrow to be over so we can move into a less tramatizing dessert time of year for me.

How about you? Any kitchen flops you’ve experienced that have turned you off completely from a particular food or recipe?

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