Can’t cook…that’s a problem

Recently on a trip home I encountered some delays. Mechanical issues with the airplane caused a delay and I really wanted to get home. Being in my kitchen is a way for me to release stress and decompress after a long trip. I had been gone for five days and they were five pretty intense days. On top of that I had hurt my arm or at least a muscle in my arm lifting my over-stuffed carry on bag into the bin on the plane. My arm hurt. Really hurt.

The weather called for a nice weekend finally, and I just wanted to get home. I had been thinking all week about what I wanted to cook and just wanted to get to my kitchen.

To keep my husband up to speed on how things were progressing with the plane delay and the pain in my arm we had the following text exchange.

You can see how much he values my cooking ability and where is priorities are between cooking verses the pain in my arm. He obviously also has more concern about eating over my potential entertainment career!


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