About this blog

Greetings friends!

My name is Tracee and there are several things I am very enthusiastically ambitious about.

I love food, wine, cooking, creating, and eating. Included in all that of course; trying new restaurants, traveling to different places, and meeting different people.

I am a Christian leadership coach, church consultant, and non-profit ministry leader.

I love a clean house but hate to do it myself, so I hire that out. Which bothers me a bit….but not that much.

I hate my kitchen but love the stuff that comes out of it, so that’s how this blog its name. It’s about everything, but the kitchen!

I like to keep things simple, but love to adapt, create, and grow things – including myself. I have a new guitar that I want to learn how to play in 2013.

A bit about recipes…I try to follow them, but sometimes it doesn’t always work to share all the detailed measurements. I’ll share the best I can, but this is more about learning how to cook and be creative in your kitchen, your way. So be patient and be open to trying and experimenting along with me.

I’ll try to share some stories along the way too, feel free to share yours!

Thanks for visiting.


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