Food Saver Works for Me!

My parents got us a Food Saver for Christmas last year and this is perhaps one of the best gifts we’ve received. I have been saving and freezing food items regularly now and it has helped with our food bill, budget, and stopping waste. Since it’s just the two of us sometimes it’s hard to keep food fresh. The Food Saver helps with all this.

I have fired up the Food Saver and have it working overtime over the last couple of weeks as I freeze and save the harvested items from our garden. So far, I’ve made home-made tomato sauce and home-made pesto and used the Food Saver to save both. I’ve frozen soup, pizza dough and fresh meat. All with great success so far. Today I am roasting more tomatoes and hot peppers in the oven and freezing those.

I have found this appliance to be easy to use so far and have very few issues of challenges with the process. I am doing some very basic freezing, but I am looking forward to experimenting with so more challenging freezing and using this for more recipes. The Food Saver is an appliance I am quickly becoming attached to. I have talked to some folks who don’t want to take the time but compared to canning processing and freezing this is much more efficient and effective I think.

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